Welcome! My name is Ms. Goode, and I am so thrilled to begin this adventure in Science with your kids! In Science Discovery, we will conduct experiments and activities that are inquiry based. We will delve deeper into the scientific concepts they are learning in the classroom. My goal is to create life-long learners who question and improve the world around them. My hope is that the discoveries we make in the classroom will encourage them to explore their learning on their own. I will highlight activities we do in the classroom on each grade’s page throughout the year.

Please contact me with any questions, comments, or concerns!

Email: GoodeJ@lisd.net

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My Passions

  • I was born in Texas, but I was raised in Singapore. I was able to travel to eight different countries during my time in Asia, and I would not trade those experiences for the world.
  • When I attended Texas Woman’s University, I worked at a Rock Climbing Wall. This new found hobby led me to explore the outdoors in many ways. My favorite experience was a three week trip where I hiked 250 miles on the PCT in California.
  • Since the age of three, I wanted to be a teacher. My dad was a middle school Science teacher, and I loved doing experiments with him. Each and every year, my love for children and learning grow. Teaching is my biggest passion, and I hope this passion fosters a love for learning in my students!